The construction of a warehouse “voice-centric” allows you to combine the advantages of speech recognition to those of the workflow management systems. Operators, in order to do their jobs with greater safety and efficiency, it is sufficient to impart the simple voice commands routine and follow directions vocally synthesized. This enables hands and eyes free of any obstruction. But how to achieve the integration of these two systems in the most simple and “non-invasive”? VoisisPickVoisisPick is an application designed for Windows-based mobile determinable, which is able to manage the “voice communication” between the management system and the operator, and convert voice commands into actions on the GUI (Graphical User Interface) system. In this way it is possible to transform any software warehouse management system(WMS, ERP), which is accessible from a mobile terminal in a warehouse system “voice-enabled.”


  • Ease of integration: VoisisPick is applicable to any warehouse management program (also custom) as long as it is accessible from a mobile device with the Windows operating system.
  • Are not required specific terminals: the integration you can use consumer terminals or “strengthened” (rugged), according to the user’s needs.
  • Immediacy of use: the speech recognizer ‘speaker-independent‘ does not require training by the user.
  • Personalization: the voice commands and responses are easily configurable.
  • Support for various types of microphone or headset with or without wire.