Thanks to ongoing advances in speech recognition technology, you can now provide valuable support tools to all those who work in those professional fields, such as medicine, in which the drafting of documents is essential and everyday, but subtracts time and resources that would otherwise be used more efficiently.

Using integrated solutions with the healthcare system, and easily accessible directly from the professionals without having to depend on the mediation of answering or paramedical staff (laboratory technicians, room attendants, nurses, etc..), you can achieve significant savings through:

  • the elimination of transcription costs,
  • the rapid reports production,
  • the increase of the production capacity globally.

VoisisMed is a suite of products developed for speech recognition functionality and dictionaries specific to the medical field.

In detail are available specialized vocabularies for:

  • radiology, nuclear medicine
  • patology
  • cardiology (including hemodynamics)
  • gastroenterology
  • neurophysiopathology (EMG, EEG, etc.)
  • forensic medicine
  • clinic vocabulary

VoisisMed plays the voice and converts it into written text with high accuracy, making it easy and ergonomic use of voice reporting and allowing the use with the supplied management systems (RIS, CIS, EMR, etc..) Without the need for development of additions.

In the Hospitals and doctors’ offices, VoisisMed allows you to optimize the reports production and increase administrative efficiency by about 50%, without requiring an increase in terms of dedicated resources.


  • Direct transcription: transcription of dictation in real time. Any window of the screen can be selected by the user, and the text will appear even with the window in the second floor.
  • Deferred transcription: automatic transcription of a text digitally recorded.
  • Distributed architecture: User Profile called up on the net or use in personal mode.
  • Pre-defined texts: ability to recall the default texts vocally.
  • Interactive commands: the use of voice commands allows navigation within the program management (change window, sample, etc.) without having to use the keyboard. For each command, the computer will respond to the doctor to confirm the action taken or to provide requested information.

  • Gestures: the integration with the device Leap Motion allows you to run commands via the finger movement (gestures).
  • Integration with various types of microphones and wireless hand.
  • Specialized vocabulary customizable.

To make the best use VoisisMed, there are various types of microphones and headsets that meet a variety of personal and business needs.