The legal profession requires, in many situations, the preparation of documents. In some cases there may be simple notes or memos, taken during a meeting or registered vocally after a meeting or during a transfer. In other cases, letters or contracts to be drawn up, where, to save time, you register and relies on the transcription of external staff (not all lawyers have access to secretarial staff). Or is it to court documents: draft statement, reasons for decisions, and more.

VoisisLex is a product designed to facilitate the preparation of these types of documents to lawyers, especially those who do not have access to secretarial services, or want to use efficiently every moment of their day, both in the office and out. With VoisisLex you can dictate when you are sitting at your desk, or transcribe the audio files that were recorded while he was out of the office. The vocabulary of VoisisLex has been specially developed by Voisis in collaboration with other professionals in the civilcriminal and deed.

The simple integration of VoisisLex with the software normally used at the law firms allows for quick enjoyment of the product, increased flexibility in work organization and greater speed in the drafting of the documents.


  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office. Ability to use their own models of the Word document.
  • Profile called up on the net or use in personal mode.
  • Support for direct transcription or deferred (via digital dictaphone).
  • Ability to recall the default texts.
  • Integration with various types of microphones and wireless .
  • Specialized vocabulary customizable.

To make the best use VoisisLex, there are various types of microfoni e cuffie that meet a variety of personal and business needs.

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