The visualization of medical images in the operating room often requires that the surgeon should leave the sterile area, to use a PC with a mouse and keyboard, and therefore should rilavarsi hands before returning d. A procedure that would be greatly simplified if it were possible to control the software image display without a “physical” contact from the user. VoisisControl is an application of “multimodal command”, through which the user can control any PC program using the voice and gestures of the hands, without touching the mouse and keyboard. VoisisControl translates voice commands and finger movements in the operations ‘elementary’ keyboard and mouse: With this mode the “universal” interaction, and easy user customization – you can choose the voice commands and gestures of his preference – VoisisControl allows you to control any software program for Windows without “touching” anything. This video shows an example of an application with a common Dicom Viewer


  • Ease of integration: VoisisControl is applicable to any executable program on Windows.
  • Immediacy of use: the speech recognizer ‘speaker-independent’ does not require training by the user.
  • Customization: commands (voice or gestures) and the consequent actions are easily configured by the user.
  • Support for different types of microphone cable and wireless detectors and gestures.