Voisiscloud is a voice recognition system for the conversion of voice into written text, usable through all the most popular browsers, designed and developed by Voisis for the professional market and in particular for the medical field.

With VoisisCloud the reporting is facilitated in terms of quality and immediacy of the product report. The system does not need to install software from the user and can be used via browser via personal computer (Windows and Apple), tablet or smartphone. Voice recognition technology is very accurate and does not require initial voice print training. These features make the system immediately accessible to any user and any device.
These features make the system “Plug & Speech”, that is immediately usable by any user and with any device.

refertazione vocale cloud

The speech recognition system uses specialized vocabulary specifically designed for professional activity.

  • Radiology (diagnostic imaging).
  • Hospital multidisciplinary (gynecology, orthopaedics, cardiology, diagnostic imaging, etc.).
  • Pathological anatomy.

Voisiscloud can be used via a WEB browser, integrated into other software or used through our Easywriter software to write into other software without making integrations.

The advantages of using Voisiscloud are:

  • Flexibility: Users are not linked to a single workstation.
  • System Scalability: Investments in hardware or services can be made as the need grows.
  • Ease of management: no software installation is required on the user’s PC or tablet, except for microphone and web browser drivers, if any.