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  • Post published:19 February 2014

Technology Dragon NaturallySpeaking to increase the productivity of professionals

A portable and universal solution

The skills and experience that Voisis moved into their solutions move to concrete and measurable results through the reduction of time and cost, thanks to a significant increase in productivity. Voisis has designed and developed an innovative solution based on the concept of “Plug and Speech.” The objective of this concept is to use the best software and hardware technology to make products simple, effective and with an immediate return. VERA is the first device to the real-time conversion of voice into written text that does not require the installation of any program or driver, and is suitable for any workstation. To use VERA simply connect the device to any computer via a standard USB port and speak into the microphone provided. It ‘compatible with all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Unix) and all the software for writing texts. VERA transcribing the dictated text fields previously selected with the mouse. The added value of TRUE for the professional is portability, which makes it an indispensable tool for those engaged in consulting activities across multiple facilities.

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