Realscribe is a system for automatic transcription, designed to optimize the services provided by the transcription companies. It is a web-based platform used on the corporate intranet or on the Internet which allows you to manage the transcription working flow: the acquisition of audio files, their segmentation, automatic transcription and their revision. With the Voisis solution , audio files, transferred to a server are processed by a speech recognition platform, able to use different acoustic models and linguistic contexts (vocabulary). The result of this automatic transcription is constituted by a series of text file in synchronization with the audio, so that the playback can be used for the correction. If required, during the automatic transcription, the system can insert punctuation.

Realscribe is not just a service for automatic transcription of audio recordings, but a system that allows you to manage the entire workflow. The introduction of elements for process control, such as the management of queues and of the assignment of tasks, and for reducing the time of transcription using speech recognition systems, it allows to increase the productivity of the companies that carry out transcription services on their own or for third parties.

Realscribe allows you to manage full manual transcription processes or by speech recognition at various levels, from fully automatic system to re-speaking through the various intermediates. Particular attention has been paid to the possibility to use the system even by staff operating on the territory, allowing the transcription companies to have greater flexibility in resource management.



  • Easy access: just a browser, no software to install.
  • Audio and text always in sync: the sync makes easier to correct the errors and allows easy subtitling of movies.
  • Functions of self-learning: using the corrections of users the system performs the operations of self-learning to improve the accuracy of the transcription.
  • Flexibility in service: Realscribe can be provided “turnkey” installing hardware supplied by the customer or on hardware provided by Voisis.
  • Scalability: The system is fully scalable, based on current and future needs.
  • Security and privacy: through the use of appropriate encryption protocols, the system provides a secure and private communication.

To complete the solution, we can provide digital recorders,  recording kits accessories for transcribers.