In general transcription services of audio recordings into text take different names depending on the used tencology: terms like “transcription of notes or recordings”, “the minutes of board meetings for municipalities”, “transcription of corporate meetings, conferences and conventions” is always refer to the same activity. Whatever you call these services, what you ask them who is making the fidelity of transcription and the speed of execution. The companies that offer this type of service should better respond to these demands and more.

  • Resource Management: the workload is often characterized by a strong variability. This uncertainty makes it difficult to correct sizing of resources.
  • Physical location of resources: Because of the variability of the workload, often used to staff not always close to the headquarters of the transcription company or event.
  • High specialization: you need to have specific skills to get a good result, because of the terminology used (medical, legal) or to the type of activity required (eg stenotype).
  • Technical difficulties. Very often it is required to maintain the synchronization between audio and text. Recurring problem in subtitling of videos of meetings and not easily solved by using full manual transcription systems.

Voisis is able to offer solutions for transcription companies to streamline their production process and respond profitably to the demands of their customers.

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