Write or transcribe the computer documents or handwritten notes has always been a time consuming job. Public offices as well as producing many documents also have the obligation to draw up the memorandum of the various public meetings such as city councilsregional, etc. The use of speech recognition solutions can reduce the time of completion of the documents without changing the current business processes applications or software.

In the transcript of the meetings, speech recognition systems can enhance the efficiency producing a draft document or even the subtitle of the movie of the meeting

Through voice biometric systems you can also automatically identify speakers by simplifying and making more efficient the work of transcription of the minutes of the meeting.

Always using voice biometrics, you can make safe and easy the change of user passwords.
Before to reset the password of a user of any information system is necessary to verify its identityThe use of speaker recognition systems allow to automate this task also using automated systems such as IVR and phone.