The management of a modern warehouse is based on the use of a computer system WMS (Warehouse Management System),whose main objective is to control the movement and storage of materials in the warehouse and process transitions, including shipping, receiving, collecting and reordering. The WMS involve the use of systems of automatic reading of codes, such as bar codes and identifiers RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), and increasingly also of speech technologies, to effectively manage the flow of products.


Thanks to the technology of speech recognition and synthesis, the warehouse operator with a mobile device ( for example, connected to the belt ) and headphones with wireless microphone can be guided in its operations by the system WMS verifying the correct execution at every step of the procedure by reading ( or scanning ) identifiers, without manual data entry.

Receiving the information from the system ” voice ” appropriate, the operator does not need to view the display, and can keep your hands and eyes “free” to concentrate on their work.

Thanks to its experience of integration of speech recognition in mobile terminals, Voisis itself as a partner for companies in the development and distribution of products WMS , as well as for users of business systems, accessible from tablet devices, who wish to increase the productivity of their warehouse processes through the adoption of speech technologies.

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