No more obstacles to legal transcripts

Writing documents is the everyday practice of the profession of the lawyer or the judge. The strategic importance of the process of modernization of working methods is known not only in law firms, but also in the courts and in the offices of the Registry. Citing Papers of the Order: “Often we allow ourselves to be carried away by the mirage that the new technologies seem to promise, forgetting that behind the machines there are the men, no matter how useful it can be an innovative and technology, if people do not use it will not change anyone’s life”(1).

The writing of the documents, however, it can be performed, is always an expensive and time consuming. The use of digital technologies can improve this process by making it more efficient for both those facilities with secretarial staff, which for those who write their own documents directly.

The use of digital dictation machines, instead of   the cassette recorders, making it faster to send your recordings to your voice, especially when the recording is done away from the office.

The use of digital recording systems along with software for managing records provide greater reliability and efficiency: consistent quality audio recordings, cassettes no longer move from one desk to another, recordings can be encrypted.

The speech recognition solutions for the real-time transcription of dictations are another tool that allows you to reduce the time of writing a document in addition to making independent and self-sufficient with respect to the one who said secretarial staff. Eliminate the waiting time between dictation and document writing.