The use of information systems for the management of patient data makes information easily available within the same structure or the whole territory. This improves the level of the health service, it increases the production of documents in digital format. The handwritten reports are no longer acceptable. The adoption of electronic medical record systems for the management of patient data is one of the points of the plan of government of the Italian project ” Digital Agenda ” that relate to the National Health System.

The increase in prevention activities with the use of increasingly sophisticated technologies, coupled with the continuous increase in the average age will result in the near future with an increased proportion of diagnostic and clinical documentation.

It is well established that speech recognition systems for reporting to help contain the time and therefore cost, in addition to being an indispensable tool to confirm and maintain the quality standards stated in the Charter of Services of the various hospitals.

Currently the Italian health system is having to deal with the complexity in the management of scarce resources the rise of technology and multi-disciplinarity of the processes has made it very important to the control and reduction of human error and the optimization of processes. The information systems to support the process of service delivery in health facilities are now essential and can provide viable solutions for the proper conduct of the activities of health personnel in the service of the citizen. The health agencies will have to use systems for the transcription of voice to text that absorb the increase in the documentation produced . Any document or data digitally inserted through the use of voice will be available immediately at all.
Voisis can provide solutions that optimize workflow for production of documents (reports, letters of resignation, etc.) in all hospital departments. Our products have been optimized for those departments like radiology, pathology, cardiology, neurophysiopathology, gastroenterology where the production of reports and documents is particularly broad and burdensome by physicians. 

The development and use of new multimodal interfaces increasingly efficient, allow to manage with simplicity and safety activities of reporting, consultation, or insertion of data in complex situations such as operating theaters , laboratory analysis, autopsy tables.
Voisis has developed solutions that allow you to work hands-free on existing computer systems, making it possible for users to enter data or consult with the utmost simplicity and security.

We can provide solutions of voice biometrics usable to verify the identity of users during password resets or use the voice to authenticate the users on hands-free systems.