Some categories of sensory and motor disabilities can benefit from tools or programs that allow them to carry out activities that would otherwise not be able to perform. It ‘obvious that the solutions must respond to the specific needs of the person or of his difficulties. Some examples of computer aids appropriate for the types of disability:

  • Visual impairments: screen magnifier, screen reader (software that redirects the output to a text-to-speech) software for speech recognition.
  • Disabilities: special keyboards, voice recognition software, mouse emulators, “helmet”.
  • Hearing impairments: volume control, appropriate filtering of the sound signal, visual redundancy of auditory information.

Even those who suffer from learning disabilities may find aids for their difficulties.
There numerori studies that show that the speech recognition solutions are educational aid for the inclusion of disabled people, such as, for example, the dysgraphic.

Voisis is partner with “Guidiamoci” to develop the software WinGuido Vocale, the program for the blind to voice commands.

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