Compared to the dictation devices based on audio tapes, digital dictation solutions offer more flexibility to the business workflow. Dictation and transcription kits are the ideal solution to perform with maximum convenience this kind of activity.

Digital recorders LFH 8500/8200/7200/6000

The new Philips Digital Pocket Memo are among the most advanced digital dictation devices. They offer the possibility freedom to work where and when it is more useful. In addition to the new design the main features of the new models are as follows:

  • “3D Technology Mic”. The use of this technology for the management of internal microphones ensures the best results during the recording of events (omni-directional recording) and in the voice recording (recording unidirectional).
  • New high-resolution color screen larger for readability and display more information during use.
  • Improved data security and device. In addition to encryption of data, it is now also possible to enter a PIN to prevent unauthorized use of the dictaphone.
  • Increased autonomy thanks to the new lithium-ion battery and the position sensor (LFH 8000 series only) that allows you to suspend the operation when the device is placed on the table. The battery charging can be done through the support base or via USB cable.
  • Dictaphone is available with the classic control switch side to slide (or series LFH 8000 LFH 7000) or with push-button controls (LFH 6000 series) side.
  • Support for recording formats MP3, PCM, and the most efficient DSS.
  • Increased recording capacity thanks to the support of SD card up to 32 GB. Recording time: about 700 hours with 4 GB SD card.
  • The bar code reader for linear codes is now integrated in the device (only in the model LFH 8500) and is no longer available the external accessory.

Kit di registrazione e trascrizione

Philips mette a disposizione due kit che includono un registratore digitale di ultima generazione, software SpeechExec per la gestone del flusso di lavoro, comando a pedale e cuffia per rendere più efficiente la trascrizione delle registrazioni.


  • Il registratore digitale (Digital Pocket Memo) combina la qualità di registrazione offerta da un sistema microfonico costituito da due microfoni ad una realizzazione robusta ed ergonomica.
  • Il kit DPM 7700 include un registratore con comando a cursore, mentre il DPM 6700 include un registratore con comandi a pulsante.
  • Alta qualità di registrazione e formati DSS e MP3 supportati.
  • Ampio display a colori e interfaccia intuitiva
  • Lunga autonomia (oltre 24 h) offerta dalla batteria agli ioni di litio.


  • Software SpeechExec per la gestione del flusso di lavoro.
  • Comando a pedale ergonomico per il controllo della riproduzione dell’audio durante la trascrizione.
  • Cuffia stereo rovesciata ottimizzata per miglior ergonomia d’uso.

Kit for the recording of assemblies

The kit for recording meetings Philips is a complete system for recording a asseblea of 10-12 people which is held around a table. The system is supplied in a carrying case that includes 4 table microphones capable of recording sounds at 360 ° (omnidirectional), a digital recorder, desktop recorder with support function of charger and other accessories.

The recorder is supplied with a handheld remote control to start or stop recording. Alternatively you can use to start the automatic recording through the sound of the voice. The recorder is compatible with digital audio formats DSS / DSS Pro (Digital Speech Standard), MP3, PCM. The recording time varies depending on the size of the SD memory card (removable) and digital format chosen. With 4 GB card included, ranging from 13 to 700 hours. The system is usable with only the built-in microphones in the recorder with external microphones or omnidirectional supplied up to a maximum of 6 elements to cover an area of ​​several square meters.

Software Philips SpeechExec Pro

SpeechExec is the management software of audio files that lets you optimize the processes of dictation and recording, transmission of files and transcription of the same on the part of personnel with the eventual support (optional module) the functions of speech recognition.
The software is available in Dictate is optimized for operations and dictation file transmission, and Transcribe version, optimized for transcription.

Some kits Philips SpeechExec software already integrated in the standard version or Professional. The product description refers to the Professional version.
The software works with Microsoft Windows operating systems 7 (or later) and Apple Mac OS X 10.8/10.7.
Dictation files and documents can be automatically transferred via a company network, sent by email or uploaded to an FTP server, as needed.

Both during the data transfer during storage, voice files can be automatically protected (encrypted and decrypted) allowing access only by authorized personnel.
The visual management workflow allows you to organize clearly dictations. Efficient handling of sound files from dictation to archiving, which simplifies and speeds up the recovery of the job. Notifications “Job started” and “Completed Work” eliminate wasted time. The visual and sound notifications relating to the activity, eliminate errors and reduce the processing time.
Now the license of the product is no longer hardware (USB device) but it is an activation code.

NOTE: Some functions of transfer of records (eg e-mail) are not available in the version for Apple Mac OS.

For those locations dedicated to the transcription manual is also available as a package that includes in addition to the SpeechExec software also headset and foot pedal to control the playback of the audio file.

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