Voisis was born in 2007 from the experience gained by its technical team in the development of solutions for speech recognition (speech to text).

Over the years we have signed agreements with various leading companies in speech recognition technologies, such as Philips Speech Recognition, Loquendo and Nuance Communications, to use their development tools to offer the best solutions to our customers.
Now we are committed in using and customizing AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms and models as tools for our speech-to-text applications.

To complete our product offering with dictation accessories (microphones, headphones, digital recorders, etc.), we are VAR (Value Added Reseller), integrators and resellers, of Philips Speech Processing Solutions and Olympus products.

The human voice is the main communication tool that humans naturally have. It is the oldest of the interfaces. Being able to use it to connect humans and computers has always been a dream which, thanks to current technology, has become a reality.
Voice and conversation can be an excellent alternative to the keyboard. This is why current professional speech recognition solutions have become tools to improve ergonomics and efficiency.

In Voisis we’re committed in the continuous improvement of speech recognition technologies in order to generate efficiency at the service of all professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.), as well as in the areas of public administration.

Almost 60 years after the birth of speech recognition technologies, Voisis has introduced the Plug & Speech paradigm.
Plug & Speech is synonymous of portable voice technology, always usable and always with you.

More details on our product can be found at Applications.

Ethical code

Since the beginning Voisis works respecting the following code of ethics; it defines our basic principles.

– The company respects the law of legal orders applicable from time to time.
– The company does not undertake attempts of influencing other people’s decisions, including payments or other kind of benefits.

– The company promotes equal opportunities to its employees as well as an equal treatment, regardless of the skin color, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, political or religious faith, age and sex.
– We grant the respect of personal dignity, the privacy and the right of every single person.
– Are not permitted threatening, injurious, sexual offensive or exploitation behaviors.
– Our colleague are constantly encouraged to express own opinions as individuals of through associations.
– We provide an equal salary and grant the minimal salary in force in the nation.
– We respect the maximum hours of work in compliance with law.
– We recognize in accordance with the law, the right of a free employees’ association and not discriminate the member of such organization.

– Voisis provides all the precautionary and control measures foreseen by the law in force on industrial accidents and professional diseases.
– Workers are constantly informed on health and security problems.

– Voisis acts respecting environmental laws.
– The company promotes actions to favorite responsible usage of resources and to reduce the pollution of territory.

– Voisis acts in making the present code of ethics be respected also by its supplier.