The increasing computerization of the archives is often necessary to retrieve the data – personal, tax, or other – stored in paper documents into digital format to insert into some program.
The traditional process of scanning systems based on the use of optical character recognition (Optical Character Recognition o OCR), are not always well suited to the processing of semi-structured or unstructured documents and hardly traceable to a single type, such as simple receipts.

In these cases, the voice recognition is a viable solution to have a procedure for the ‘data entry’ with the following advantages:

  • it is not necessary to study the layout of the various types of documents, nor to prepare the batch sheets segnapagine;
  • you can enjoy instant data in electronic format;
  • the data captured by voice can be easily exported to other systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) or other.

You can combine data entry application with the dictation , to enter both personal data and text. In this way, for example, you can insert into HIS systems Hospital in RIS and PACS data of the old paper-based medical records and make the data available for any consultation and revision.

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