The modern requirements of mobility require that professionals are always able to do a better job, as if they were sitting in the office. Not always, however, the voice recognition technologies are accessible. They know well the doctors who provide free consultations at facilities such systems, or managers who, during a move or a trip, record a letter or a document that then, once back in the office, will have to write down or write themselves.

With Voisis was born the concept of Plug & Speech: no more software to be installed with integration problems or incompatibilities with other systems, but solutions that allow you to use speech recognition in the most simple and intuitive as possible.

Plug & Speech è sinonimo di tecnologia vocale portatile, sempre fruibile e sempre con voi. Questa nuova tecnologia permette la realizzazione di prodotti semplici da usare, con vantaggi immediati e con un elevato ritorno sin dall’inizio. Una soluzione personalizzata per rispondere ai bisogni dei clienti.

Plug & Speech voice technology is synonymous with portable, always available and always with you. This new technology allows the creation of products that are simple to use, with immediate benefits and a high return from the beginning. A customized solution to meet the needs of customers.

VERA is a new product that uses technology Plug & Speech and meets the needs of professionals who require a product that is always at their disposal, portable and easy to use with the help of a common USB port.

More details about our solutions can be found in the section “Products – VERA“.