The natural language processing (Natural Language Processing o NLP) is the process of automatic processing by a computer the information written in natural language. It is a widespread technology, and – in many cases – “hidden” in modern computer systems, which can add significant value to the development of the information.

There are different kinds of NLP processing, these are some of the most common applications:

  • Classification: sort and organize information into meaningful categories, for example, to classify the ‘News’ TG categories, or divide the medical records for such diseases.
  • Information Retrieval (IR): The development of ‘documents’ (archives, databases, Web pages, … ) and extraction of relevant information. An example is the Named Entity Recognition, that is, the identification of ‘entity’ cited in the text that identify names of people, organizations, places, …
  • Sentiment Analysis o Opinion Mining: remove the ‘polarity’ (positive-negative-neutral) of the document, or an extract, in relation to a target (the ‘subject’ of which you speak) and other features (who speaks, when, where, …). Example: “in which articles of press has expressed a very favorable character XY?”
  • Automatic Translation (Machine Translation o MT): translation of texts from one natural language to another using computer programs.

The Voisis approach is integrate the functionality of several most effective NLP technologies to provide document processing solutions that increase customer productivity.

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