In various work activities is necessary to draw up the documents that contain the transcript of what was said by one or more persons. A few examples:

  • Transcription of medical reports: the medical departments dictate the outcome of their visit or diagnostic examination, and transcript, prepared by the staff of the secretariat, to be printed for signature and inserted into the filing system in electronic format.
  • Transcripts of letters and legal documents: a study of the lawyers dictate the text of letters and documents, which will be transcribed and printed by the secretarial staff.
  • The minutes of the meetings Board’s: is requested the transcript of the session, in order to have the “verbal” for approval at the next session or for publication in electronic form on its website.
  • Meetings & Conventions Transcription: at conferences and congresses, there is always the need to bring in a written text of all comments, suggestions and conclusions, and to achieve a publication of documents in hard copy or in electronic format.
  • Corporate Meetings or Professional and Associative Transcription in general.
  • Movies Subtitling, with text and audio synchronization.

The transcription can be done manually through the playback of the recording and its transcription to the computer by personnel, or you can use speech recognition systems for the realization of a draft of the document.
The advantages of this solution are greater the more the sound quality is better, and the way of speaking of speakers approaching a “dictation”.

In any case, to facilitate the task of correctors, it is important that the transcription system has the following characteristics:

  • is easily accessible from any workstation, through a web interface;
  • allows the correction of the text withaudio playback in sync, to facilitate the work also to less experienced staff;
  • provide a simple “workflow“, with the control of those who corrects the various transcripts and monitoring of progress;
  • has auto-learning functionality, from corrections made to improve over time the accuracy of the automatic transcription.


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