Are available accessories for dictation and transcription such as foot controls, headphones, batteries, accessories for wireless data transfer, etc.

Foot switch

Foot switch for trascrizioneI foot controls have been developed in cooperation with ergonomists and end users. The use of a non-slip base heavier and retain the pedal in position improving comfort of use.
All commands of the pedals can be configured according to individual needs. Philips, however, allows you to choose between two types of predetermined configuration to choose from at the time of purchase.
The pedals are connected on a USB port.

Headset headband upside down

Stereo headphone headband light, designed to give maximum comfort and sound quality. Equipped with pads for the ears and a hanging bracket that attaches to the monitor.
Designed for professional use, the headset is worn under the chin and not holding it above his head like normal headphones.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic fit in all ears.
  • Speaker 14 mm optimized for high-quality audio.
  • Gold-plated contacts to ensure a reliable connection.

Network Adapter for Dictaphone

The innovative Network Adapter instantly send the recorded files to the workstations of transcription.

The device can be connected to your LAN via the wired Ethernet network or the wireless (wireless).

File transfer is via FTP (or SFTP) to be available on your network.
The adapter connects to the support base of the recorder via the USB cable. The connection to the WiFi (802.11 b / g / n) supports WPA and WPA2 encryption.
The device configuration is done via WEB interface that can be password protected.

The adapter is compabitile with recorders Philips LFH9600 family and DPM8000.

For more information about other available accessories, please consult the website of “Philips dictation