Soluzioni per il riconoscimento vocale

WinGuido – Vocal Commands in a aid for the visually impaired

Dragon NaturallySpeaking integrated into a multifunction program
for the blind


WinGuido is an alternative program from the various programs that allow “screen reader”; recent theoretical aim of enabling visually impaired users an almost complete control of the operating environment of Microsoft Windows and the programs running on it, but using complex keyboard commands related to key combinations are hard to remember and perform.

WinGuido Voice is constantly evolving, thanks to the technical collaboration between the engineer. Ruggeri and two technology partners Nuance and Voisis Byteway, who with their expertise will add additional operating features. For more information about the program WinGuido Voice, the cost and how to purchase, please contact: (dott. Donato Savino) (dott. Riccardo Amici) (dott. Andrea Santoro)

Download the WINGUIDO case study