Soluzioni per il riconoscimento vocale


Voice biometrics for speaker verification or identification

speaker recognitionThe technology of voice biometrics provides a solution for identity verification accurate, non-invasive, requiring no dedicated devices that can be used in many situations, perfectly integrated with the contact center and advantageous in terms of cost.
The speaker recognition can be divided into two types of applications: speaker Verification  and speaker Identification.
In the Speaker Identification, the systems voice biometrics identify a talker during a voice interaction, such as a phone call or the use of a mobile App. The system compares each sentence with your speech patterns that are stored in the system database until the informations collected are not sufficient to identify the speaker or treat it as unknown.
Unlike the speaker identification, the Speaker Verification occurs if the identity of the speaker coincides with his voiceprint stored.
The speaker verification, therefore, assumes that the speaker has given its identifier, for example, during a conversation with a call center operator or using a personal device (smartphone).

See some sectors or companies that can benefit from these solutions of speaker recognition.

Thanks to the voice biometrics, check the identity of callers it is easy and secure. It’s possible to verify the identity of a user asking him to pronounce a passphrase checking the correspondence of the sentence with the voiceprint without forcing the user to use cards with codes or generating One-TimePassword (OTP).
The use of biometrics voice is well suited for use with automated telephone systems (IVR) which is required to enter PIN or other codes for information or to make arrangements on your behalf. The voice biometrics avoids entering access codes manually, that often is not very easy to do on smartphones. This problem becomes substantial when the bank manage customers with big capitals, who are among the most demanding and require special care.

Many companies must provide to their employees confidential business data through mobile devices. The software installed on these devices manages secure access to the data but creates a big problem if they lose the device because authentication is performed with the credentials stored in the device itself and then you risk unwanted access to the confidential information. The voice biometrics solutions raise the level of security because they allow to verify the identity of the user who is using the tablet or smartphone without requiring devices with dedicated biometric sensors.

Before you reset the password of a user of any information system is necessary to verify the identity of the user. For the companies with employees distributed around on the territory, it becomes difficult and sometimes costly to verify their identity. The use of speaker recognition systems allow to automate this task also using automated systems such as IVR and phone.

The applications in this field are numerous. It ranges from verification of talkers in telephone or environmental tapping, access control, census of immigration, monitoring of individuals under house arrest, and so on.

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