Soluzioni per il riconoscimento vocale

Vera plug and speech Vera Plug&SpeechVERA is a portable device speech recognition for real-time transcription of dictated text. VERA is a innovative and versatile tool that lets you convert the voice of the professional into written text by simply connecting to any computer through a USB port without the need to install any software or drivers. A convenient and practical solution that does not take up computer resources and can be used to draw up documents at a rate three times higher than normal. VERA combines the advantages of the most advanced speech recognition technology with the advantages of the technology Plug & Speech Plug & Speech


    • The low weight and compact size make it a tool that can be carried and used anywhere and is indispensable for those who perform consulting activities across multiple facilities.
    • It does not require installation of software: it works by simply connecting a USB cable to the computer and starting to talk (Plug & Speech).
    • Compatible with all operating systems on the market (Windows, Mac OS, Unix).
    • Does not take up computer resources.
    • Works with any writing program.


    • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) due to the complete independence of the device by the choices of current and future enterprise information system where you place the function of writing documents.
    • Multi-user interface: it can be used by multiple people.
    • Vocabularies multidisciplinary customizable.

VERA comes complete with classic microphone. It ‘still possible to buy and use other types of microphones and headphones.

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