Soluzioni per il riconoscimento vocale

The products offered by Voisis, as part of the reporting and dictation, meet the needs of both hardware supplies that those applications. The powers guaranteed by the professional experience of Voisis result, for our customers, concrete and measurable results through efficiencies, reducing time and costs, increases productivity . After more than two years of research and development and the filing of national and international patent , Voisis has created new products for speech recognition based on an innovative concept of use of these technologies Plug & Speech.


is a innovative and verstile tool that lets you convert the voice of the practitioner into written text by simply connecting to any computer through a USB port without the need to install any software or drivers

VERA plug and speech


is a suite of products developed for speech recognition functionality and dictionaries specific to the medical field, in support of specialists cardiology (including hemodynamic), pathological anatomy eimaging diagnostic (radiology, nuclear medicine).



The simple integration of VoisisLex with the software normally used at the law firms allows for quick enjoyment of the product, greater flexibility in the organization of work and speed in the drafting of documents.


is a system for automatic transcription, designed to optimize the services provided by the transcription company. It is a web-based platform that allows you to manage the flow of the transcription work

Trascrizione riunioni

is an audio mining system designed to facilitate the work of analysts: to move from words (data) to the information.

Audio Mining

Voisis is able to provide complete solutions to those that need to process or record your voice to convert it to text.

Microphones and headphones

Microphones and headphones or wireless microphone

Digital Recorders

Compared to the dictation devices based on the audiotape digital dictation solutions offer greater flexibility of work

Software SpeechExec

is the management software of audio files that lets you optimize the processes of dictation and recording, transmission of files

accessori dettatura
Dictation Accessories

Voisis is able to provide complete solutions to those that need to process or record your voice to convert it to text.

Kit dettatura