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Voisis presents its solution of speak...

Voisis presents its solution of speaker recognition
Voisis presents its solution for the speaker recognition Voice4id is the the name of Voisis product for speaker recognition based on voice biometrics technology. The speaker recognition can be divided into two types of applications: speaker verification and speaker identification. In speaker verification, the person “looks” through his ident [...]

We are at SIRM and Exposanità

exposanità 2014
It’s possible evaluate our speech recognition products to Exposanità (21-25 May 2014) in Bologna at the Eurochimica stand (26 pad stand 110 B). At SIRM (Florence May 22 to 25 in 2014) of our products are available at the stand of Andra. For more information please visit the websites:; ttp://www.euroch [...]

Vera – professional solution

Vera – professional solution
Technology Dragon NaturallySpeaking to increase the productivity of professionals   A portable and universal solution The skills and experience that Voisis moved into their solutions move to concrete and measurable results through the reduction of time and cost, thanks to a significant increase in productivity. Voisis has designed and develop [...]

WinGuido – Vocal Commands in a ...

WinGuido – Vocal Commands in a aid for the visually impaired
Dragon NaturallySpeaking integrated into a multifunction program for the blind WinGuido is an alternative program from the various programs that allow “screen reader”; recent theoretical aim of enabling visually impaired users an almost complete control of the operating environment of Microsoft Windows and the programs running on [...]

Voisis join Philips promotion

Voisis join Philips promotion
Skip to the digital age. Replace your Dictaphone cassette with digital recorders Philips. Take advantage of the promotion until 31/12/2012. More information: Prodotti -> Registratori digitali.

Voisis is at the SIRM 2012; Hall 2 &#...

Voisis is at the SIRM 2012; Hall 2 – Stand 115
Voisis attends the 45th National Congress of SIRM (Italian Society of Radiology) to be held at the Conference Center of Lingotto in Turin from 1 to 5 June 2012. We will be at Hall 2 Stand 115 with new products for speech recognition and medical reporting.

Voisis presents its audio mining solu...

Voisis presents its audio mining solution
The Audio mining is a technique useful to analyze and to search words through audio records. Thanks to its know-how in speech recognition, Voisis has developed its audio mining solution for multimedia (audio, video) archives. Voisis Audio Mining Processor allows the user to search, list and analize the contents of multimedia files like a text [...]

Voisis will be present at SMAU Milan ...

Voisis will be present at SMAU Milan 2010 (at Loquendo’s stand H35 – Pav. 3)presenting a new system for the optimization of transcription services
The application is designed to optimize the transcription of audio recordings into text files. This software solution – usable either on companies network involved in transcription or via the internet – allows the transfer of audio recordings to the system. These are then processed by a cluster of speech recognition engines that c [...]

Voisis announces the era of Plug ...

Voisis announces the era of Plug & Speech Products
Plug & Speech VERA is the first speech recognition solution for medical reporting that does not require the installation of any software or driver… Read more

Voisis is at the SIRM 2010; Hall 9 &#...

Voisis is at the SIRM 2010; Hall 9 – Stand 62
Voisis attend the 44th National Congress of the Italian Society of Radiology held in Verona from 11-15 June 2010.